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  1. Piping
    We here at Harolds offer a wide range of piping services from leak repairs in water or waste lines to new water service installations. We can also re-pipe your home or business using todays finest materials. All done at a honest competitive price.
  2. Drain & Sewer Lines
    We can snake and clear most any sewer drain lines. We also if needed can replace and or repair any drain lines you need from under your home all the way out to the street or septic tank.
  3. Repair Water Leaks
    Harolds can repair or replace most any water or sewer line leaks. Either in your homes walls, under your home or all the way out to your water meter. Sometimes you have a dripping faucet or tub...Harolds can take care of that too!
  4. Fixture installations, Toilets, Sinks, Tubs / showers, and outdoor faucets
    Yes! Harolds Will install what ever fixture you wish us to install. You can either buy the fixture through us or we will install a fixture that you have purchased elswhere. Either way you will get fast freindly service at an honest price.
  5. Water heaters
    Here at Harolds we offer a wide range of water heater services. From electric models to gas type water heaters. Either Residential / Commercial. We will replace your current water heater and bring the new water heater up to current building codes.
  6. Drain line video
    Harolds has the capability to camera your sewer line to locate and determine the problems with your drain line.
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